Album Arte – Campo Grossi Maglioni workshop

Album Arte – Campo Grossi Maglioni workshop

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6th March 2017.

I spent a great afternoon last week at Album Arte, a beautiful non profit art space in Rome.

The artist duo Campo Grossi Maglioni involved us, the public, in the re-elaboration of the space representing a village, a camp, an agorà, investigating “the relationship between basic necessities of life and the act of occupying a space by man”.

The workshop made me reflect upon many things and among those, the fact that art is such a powerful means to connect people and ideas and to give purpose to an hour, an afternoon, a day and to our whole life, for that matter.

Why do you like experiencing art? Why do you go to art exhibitions or participate in art workshops or buy an artwork to hang on the walls of your house? 🙂