Photography session

Photography session

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bubbles-#8-studio-LUCIANO-roma4marzoNo matter what I do, doing the best I’m capable of is my primary goal.
I feel that’s the only way to work for me and to spread my message of awareness and hope out into the world.

This also means entrusting my works with a professional art photographer when it comes to capturing their essence and soul. Yes, because I think that every work of art has got a soul!

Well, two actually, the one of the artist who created it and the one of the viewer who it’s shared with.

So, last Saturday it was really exciting to see my “Bubbles” photographed by art photographer Sebastiano Luciano, in his studio in Rome!

I’m truly grateful to be able to share them at their best and if you are curious to see more of it, please check out my Instagram feed by clicking the button icons here in my contact page. Thank you!