Group show @ the non-profit space Esthia in Rome

Group show @ the non-profit space Esthia in Rome

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WEBValentina-in-conversazione-con-Mari-e-amiche6/7th May 2017 Esthia truly is a magical place but I’m not the only one to say that.

I’ve heard it said by many of the artists and visitors who have passed by here.

It preserves an armosphere from bygone days, the slowness of ancient rhythms and a poetic spirit it shares time after time through the events it hosts.

It was no different on the occasion of the group show I participated in during the first weekend of May.

Sharing thoughts, exchanging ideas, the curiosity of knowing what is behind an artwork and lots of emotions, all of this together has made the opening of the exhibition a very special event, which I’ve been happy to participate in.