Black, white and the hue of the raw canvas are the colours/non-colours I use when I create my works.

Red is a recent addition, with its discrete and yet cumbersome presence.

What colour is our essence, anyhow? Because this is what I want to re-present.

As a matter of fact, my work is the expression of an intimate investigation; it is the tangible manifestation of that invisible maze of spirituality otherwise not perceivable by the senses.

This spirituality emerges, as a necessity, miraculously transformed onto the canvas where the pieces are born with no or very little planning and gradually take shape in, at times, unexpected ways.

While I’m making something, my “intuition” takes a cue from it and develops a further strand of research and then a new one, in a sort of endless discourse whose origin keeps eluding our knowledge.

The lines and marks on the canvas are brought to life by pencil, ink and sewing thread, my working tools. It is with them that I give shape to that entangled network of energy that I believe holds the universe together and connects us all.

Mine is a constant reflection upon the mystery of the creative process (whichever it may be) and the human being as its intermediary.