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“I’m never worried about being original, because originality is, as they say, for people with short memories […]. I operate on what they call the Chinese whisper. Track. I’d copy something and get it a bit wrong, so it becomes something new.” – Grayson Perry

I often quote artists. I like it because at times in their words I find a thought of mine, an idea or a concept I hadn’t managed to bring at a conscious level yet.

What is originality in these times of extremely easy diffusion of images and ideas on a global level?

To me it means taking a cue from the outside world, from nature for instance, focussing on a detail or a group of elements and elaborating on them until they appear in the almost always inevitable tangibility of an artwork.

Once found a research path, I am then able to take a cue from it itself, during my work in the studio and also in the daily and inseparable life companion, that is the work in the mind.