“Bubbles”, solo exhibition in Calvi dell’Umbria – 5/19th August

“Bubbles”, solo exhibition in Calvi dell’Umbria – 5/19th August

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OFFICIAL-INVITATION---front--Valentina Carini’s latest works – from the series Bubbles and Looking for grey – are shown @ Vetrina a Calvi dell’Umbria, a distinctive sisteenth-century exhibition space in Calvi dell’Umbria, Italy, curated by Giovanna De Sanctis Ricciardone, from 5th to 19th August 2017.

Vetrina a Calvi dell’Umbria – which overlooks the street, next to the splendid church of Saint Brigida – is lit till late at night and becomes integral part of the life and events of the main square, on the occasion of the Festival of Calvi dell’Umbria.

The essential and distinctive mark of the artist is in perfect harmony with the neat, sixteenth-century space where it is hosted.

Repetition, both of lines and shapes, distinguishes the whole poetic of the Umbrian artist; it is a powerful gesture, a sort of ritual, which decodes a secret language, foreign to our senses.

Valentina Carini’s works are brought to life by pencil and sewing thread and are born on the canvas or paper with very little planning and gradually take shape following a red thread that unites them all: the investigation into that realm of reality which eludes our senses and yet it is crucial to our evolution as human beings.

The empty spaces which Valentina Carini – with the alchemy proper to artists – transforms from non- visible to visible, become as light as bubbles, hence the title of the exhibition “Bolle”.

As art critic Andrea Antoniazza writes, these works “[…] are little dream towns, where the big dream blossoms from an absolutely enchanted, primitive, unfathomable Mystery. […] Carini’s canvases seem to re-propose a very actual landscape, in which to look for the disorganized geometry of shapes.”

“Art”, says Valentina Carini, “is a very powerful means for self-discovery, for reaching that self-awareness which, alone, can give value and meaning to our life.

[…] Dreams are realizable if only we decided to transform them into projects, to be implemented step by step with resolution and perseverance by getting rid of the limiting beliefs which condition our existence.”