Belle Bolle

Belle Bolle

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6th August 2017. One comment has struck me together and more than the others, yesterday, 5th August, opening day of my solo exhibition: “Belle Bolle… Splendid artworks. Overall, the most beautiful, Italy of the future”.

Nothing better could have been said about my exhibition, really: the integrity, love, commitment with which I carry on my “artist mission”, want to truly be a contribution to the beauty in the world and having such feedbacks is to me of great support for moving farward with more and more dedication.

I therefore agree with Giovanna De Sanctis Ricciardone (curator of the exhibiting space “Vetrina”, in which my exhibition is hosted) when she affirms that “trying to improve the fenomenology of reality implies passion, commitment, a great deal of effort… especially with 40 degrees”.

After all, I’ll add, it also takes effort to repress one’s own nature into our deepest self, “being content” with a life moulded by limiting beliefs.

So let’s welcome the effort born from a desire to wanting to express and share oneself, in the certainty that #artcansavetheworld… even at 40 degrees!